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Our Services

"We consult you in your everyday needs concerning IT"

Legacy and Software Consultation

Which decisions are necessary to modernize old software?

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As experts, we help you in every stage of software development. We build bridges between outdated and modern technology requirements.

Code Architectural Consultation

How do you, from one platform to another, safely move your software?

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Contact us if you have any questions about software architecture as we can help you switch platforms and consult important software decisions.

Method Consultation

Which is the best way to manage your development process?

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We at Splendit can introduce you to classic, agile and effective software development methods. In addition, we can help you with the implementation.

What is a Software, Maintenance and Java Legacy?


A software contains programs that keep, change, take, or send information from one computer to other.


To maintain, or to have maintenance of, a software is to keep it working. Maintenance includes fixing faults, simplifying program-code, upgrading, and all this while keeping exactly the same software!

Java Legacy

Java is a programming code that a software can consist of. Java Legacy however, is old versions of the language. To be able to maintain and keep Java Legacy's, a company has to first modernize it. That's where we come in! We at Splendit can consult, guide, and even modernize it for you.


Imagine your phone provider stop sending updates to your phone - in a second your phone is incapable to start simple applications! Why is that? As the digital world always "updates" or gets "modernized" every digital machine has to update with it to function. The same goes for the software that was build for your company.

What Splendit offer

“Defining the enterprise business capability is part art and part science.” ― Pearl Zhu

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Software Modernization

How do you modernize your systems?

Companies have to think about ways to future-proof their software. Outdated software structure hinders software updates for customers and employees. We will help you with modernizing your software by

  • analysing the software- and application structure,
  • improving the source code to state-of-the-art techniques,
  • migrating or refactoring the software to modern versions.

With clean software, companies can respond easier to changes in the fast-moving business world.

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Legacy and Software Consultation

How do you save money?

In most companies all business processes are supported through software which should easily adapt to your flexible process. Based on our expertise and experiences, we support and consult companies in

  • decreasing project risks,
  • reducing maintenance work and
  • cuts down licence- and development costs.

In efficient platforms, frameworks and with secure modern code you will be able to implement new requirements in time and with quality.

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Software Maintenance (automatic)

How can you save time in maintaining?

To manually maintain software means to assign valuable developer hours in cleanup work. Neglecting maintenance can slow down systems or even become a security risk. Splendit will help you with

  • replacing outdated language constructs with modern alternatives,
  • making the code more apprehensive and understandable, and
  • harvesting the fruits of the modern language constructs.

Ongoing software maintenance ensures that the quality of the source code remains high and the operational costs can be reduced.

Our Advanced Tool:

Refactor your Java code. Improve the code quality. Apply the latest Java features. All done automatically.


Automatic Java Refactoring Tool

jSparrow is an automated and rule-based code improvement tool, which finds and fixes a wide variety of problems in Java sources. Currently, there are over 60 rules implemented! The rules are designed for applying convert code, removing bad code, improving code-readability and modernization!

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