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Hello, we are Splendit IT-Consulting! We have advanced IT knowledge and tremendous experience with old programming languages such as Cobol, PL/I, and Assembler, and new architectures such as Java and C#. We have been supporting software legacies since 2004.
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Maintenance work and development of new features in legacy Java projects

Highlighted project

Role in the project: Analysis, Software Development, QA, Project ManagementArchitectural Expert, Strategy Consultant

Customer (coded): authorities, betting, social insurance / Austria


Just a few snapshots of the challenges in our Java customer projects:

  • Seamless integration of new developments into the legacy system, as well as financial accounting via the legacy system. Thereby the implementation to the authorities was very performance-critical
  • Maintenance work and development of new features in legacy Java applications. This very heterogeneous application landscape has grown over 20 years without sufficient documentation and few tests. The goal was not only to extend the sources with the necessary features, but also to provide ongoing post-documentation and commissioning of a functioning test system while adhering to standardized processes.
  • Development of business applications in cooperation with the customer. Often we were already involved in the analyse phase in order to find the right decisions during the architecture discussion.
  • In addition, automated test scenarios were implemented and standardized processes were introduced

Other projects

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Strategy consulting, quality assurance, assessment, and architecture consulting of a Cobol-based monolithic architecture

Role in the project: SW-Quality, Modernization Expert, Architecture Consultant

Customer (coded): public sector/Germany


  • Measurement of all Cobol sources according to ISO 20151 quality standard
  • Vulnerability analysis and code smell measurement
  • Visualization of architectural components, control flow, and data flow
  • Creation of a concept for the smooth migration/integration of Java-based software modules into the Cobol overall model
  • Creation of a concept for the generation of domain-oriented micro-services based on customer’s internal nomenclature, naming, and data flows
  • Preparation of a final report including recommendations for stakeholders
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Migration of Cobol/Adabas-based Host-Application to OpenSource Platform including swap to a different Cobol-Compiler

Role in the project: Modernization Expert, Architecture Consultant, automated Testing

Customer (coded): public sector/Germany


  • The concept for migration of Cobol/ADABAS-based host applications to Linux/Solaris systems using P3-Cobol
  • Technical planning and execution of the migration
  • Concept and development of automated tests, so that the job runs in the old system can be compared with those on the new system in parameterizable Jenkins jobs at any time.
  • Quality assurance of the migrated application, data and test results
  • Estimation and planning of the sequence and effort of the individual project steps and sub-projects.
  • Presentation of the results to decision-making bodies and management
  • Due to heavy automation in testing and strict usage of transformation tools, the project was finished faster than the estimated time!
dices and text saying oracle tuxedo

Migration consulting for replacing and modernizing a Cobol/Tuxedo-based monolith

Role in the project: Modernization Expert, Architecture Consultant

Customer (coded): public sector/Germany


Creation of a concept and implementation of a PoC how Cobol-based applications with Tuxedo as a transaction monitor can be smoothly integrated and replaced in the direction of jBoss/Java EE architectures – using the concept of a “Cobol⇔Java”-Server, where both languages interact smoothly and seamlessly at runtime.

  • The conception of transaction-safe services within Java and Cobol based on XA protocols
  • Conception and development of a java-based pre-processor to replace the Microfocus Pre-Processor
  • Planning and effort estimation for the sub-projects and implementation steps respectively
  • Presentation of the results in the committees
text cobol to java

Transformation of Cobol to Java

Role in the project: Modernization Expert, Architecture Consultant, Cross-Compiler Expert

Customer (coded): public sector/Austria


  • Elicitation and analysis of requirements for Java sources to be migrated/generated from a legacy system based on Cobol
  • Development of Quality analysis and statistics for Cobol sources and implementation of pre-processors for automatic code smell removal
  • Instrumentation of copy books for automated copy and paste traceability detection, GoTo resolution strategies, cursor-for-update processors => how they should be replaced/transformed in a Java-based development environment
  • Architecture proposals for object-oriented implementation of legacy mechanisms when migrating to and swapping to a relational database
  • Setup of Jenkins-based component tests to automate comparison of test jobs run in the old and new environments
  • Implementation of special code unit tests to monitor corner cases and typical “old” Cobol behavior, which can only be enabled by a specific Runtime when swapping to Java.
text cobol to java

Verification for Transformation of Cobol to Java

Role in the project: Modernization Expert, Test Automation, Cross-Compiler Expert

Customer (coded): public sector/Austria


  • Design, development, and implementation of automated Jenkins jobs for the permanent monitoring of QA aspects for the transformation from Cobol to Java
  • Derivation of development and improvement suggestions on the basis of the QA measures on Code Smells and bad coding conventions
  • Technical assessment of implementation options whether to be done in Cobol or Java environments
  • smooth integration and replacement/migration of Cobol-based and Java-based services, mutual invocation concept, fulfilling transactional requirements
  • Release coordination with data centers and DevOps departments within customers, as well as involved subsystems and consumers of the provided services
  • Presentation of results of transformed code and architecture and technical discussion of improvement proposals and extended requirements
text saying strategy + Modernization consulting and background is a dark room with the upper half of a lightbulb on a floor

Strategy and Modernization Consulting

Role in the project: Modernization Expert, Quality Expert

Customer (coded): public sector/Austria


Consulting for finding a common technical architecture and setting up migration scenarios for the switchover from existing host-based legacy environments for individual sub-companies under the umbrella of their mother company.

  • Risk analysis and assessment for an ongoing extremely large project within the company (the backbone of their IT Job).
  • Defining the cornerstone for an architecture, allowing a smooth integration and migration from legacy systems and architectures to open systems and languages.
  • Accompanying a tendering job for finding out the best tools according to the suggested architectural framework
text typed out as cics

SW-Maintenance and Modernization

Role in the project: SW-Development, Legacy Expert

Customer (coded): public sector/Austria


Takeover of sources and support, further development, release maintenance of an “officially out-of-date” SW generator, which produces reusable SW components from a pseudo-language and a relational repository – target languages are Cobol and partially Java for the business layer, PLSQL for DB-Layer and PowerBuilder for the user interface.

The runtime environment is transaction monitors like Tuxedo and Cics in bi-directional interaction with Jboss.

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